Working in the care sector in another country

Working in the social care sector is a popular way of finding work in another country.  It normally does not have too many restrictions  placed on working in the sector and there are often plenty of jobs available, with a good turnover of staff making this possible.


However, working in another country is not always without problems.  Perhaps the most important thing is that you can speak the language of the country well enough to communicate with people.  Improving  your ability in a language can be done whilst providing care to someone but your employer will need to check that you have a good enough grasp of the language to work safely.  For example, if you cannot read or understand instructions on equipment, or take an important message over the phone or via a text, you will not be a very effective or safe member of staff to have around! 


Some countries do have minimum requirements which you must meet to work in the care sector.  There are often a lot of 'informal' jobs in the care sector, offered by families or small employers - sometimes on a cash only basis.  Be very careful before accepting such work and make sure that your pay is properly recorded and that your employer has correctly deducted any tax and health insurance payments you should be paying and that you have a written record of this. if you do not do this you may find when you return to your own country that if you cannot provide you have paid tax on your earnings overseas, then you will have to pay it again.  This could mean you have to pay it twice!  So it is essential that any deductions made by your employer  from your earnings  are given to you in writing and properly explained to you


Working in the care sector is a great way to develop skills and discover about other cultures. Look at the country pages in this website to find out what is needed in each country and to find out where you can get the information you need about working there.