I am a worker – how will the ECC help me?

You can demonstrate by having the ECC that you have the basic knowledge needed to work in the social care sector. The ECC establishes a common base for knowledge of entry level care staff across Europe and provides an accessible and transferable certificate for workers and employers.

The ECC can make it easier for workers to find jobs in the care sector in their home country as well as in other EU countries.

I am an employer – how can I use the ECC?

The ECC can help an employer when:

• Recruiting new staff: some employers have used the ECC exam as a tool to assess the candidates. It enables them to check that someone can demonstrate the learning covered in the BESCLO.

• Improving the quality of the work of their existing staff by requiring staff to pass the ECC as a basic requirement. This demonstrates not only that they have basic knowledge but also that they share the ECC’s up-to-date values.

The ECC Registrar at EASPD holds the central ECC database of all the candidates who have taken the ECC exam. As an employer, you may ask the Registrar to certify if an individual holds the ECC.

I work for a training provider/educational institution – how can we use the ECC?

You can train people so that they can sit and pass the ECC exam. You can either incorporate ECC in a course you already offer (with changes if any are needed) leading to another award, or through a specific course you design and deliver just to pass the ECC.

ECC is efficiently delivered through a network of lead partners and delivery partners in the available countries. The lead partner in a country will work with a number of delivery partners who will typically be colleges, employers, universities, training providers offering either a course (taught or distance learning) dedicated to cover just the European Care Certificate or using their existing courses (with adaptations if needed) to cover the Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO) and offer access to the ECC as an added ‘extra’ on top of any current qualifications or outcomes.

  • Lead Partners

Lead Partners hold significant responsibilities for the development of the ECC in an area/region/country, supporting local delivery partners, organising and marking ECC exams, promoting the ECC and ensuring the quality of the ECC there.

  • Delivery Partners 

Agencies which deliver training to support people to pass the ECC exam are called delivery partners. Any agency can be a delivery partner if they can demonstrate how they can deliver the right training. A delivery partner is trained and supported by a Lead Partner covering their area/region/country.

Interested in becoming a Lead Partner or a Delivery Partner?

The ECC Board is working to make the ECC available across Europe and build on the formal EQF accreditation achieved at EQF level 3 and the training materials we have developed. 

If you are interested of becoming a lead or delivery partner, contact us to receive more information at ecc@easpd.eu

You can find more information and download the ECC leaflet HERE.