What is the ECC exam?

The ECC exam is available and organised in the countries where ECC has lead and delivery partners. The exam can be taken on-line (but at present is only available in some languages and this will require access to the internet under exam conditions) or in a paper version.

The exam is designed to allow learners to show that they have learned the basic knowledge needed in each BESCLO area and that they can apply this basic knowledge in situations they are likely to find when they start to work in social care. The format of the exam is very simple (multi-choice questions) and covers questions for each BESCLO area:

  • You have a choice of selecting either TRUE or FALSE for each statement 
  • Each statement has four answers, which are either right or wrong.  There are three statements per BESCLO area making 12 questions per area. In any one statement ALL FOUR answers could be RIGHT, or ALL FOUR could be WRONG or any combination in between.  Think very carefully if a statement says something is ”always” or ”never” the case or that you ”must” do something.  There are no 'trick' questions, but you must (for example) be very clear that if you agree with a statement that you "would never do" something , then you really do mean 'never' and not 'most of the time.'
  • There are eight sections to the exam covering each of the eight BESCLO areas, so a total of 96 questions in the exam and you will be be given 60 minutes to complete the exam.  (In the online version there is a clock at the top of the screen telling you how much time you have left.)  Your invigilator will also tell you how much time is left.  You can finish and leave the room of the exam at any time but you will not be allowed to return to the exam.  You are not allowed to use or refer to anything that will help you answer the questions for the duration of the exam.